Working Out at the Office

When office work days come around, we can’t help but just go to the office, work ourselves off, and tire ourselves out. Not physically, but mentally.

At the end of the day, we may feel tired maybe because of the trip home, the stressful work, or the argument that we just had from our co-employees. It’s good to have a home and have a stress buster like your family. It eases out the tension of your body. But physical wise, it’s not doing any good.

You may find yourself continuously increase your weight for the next months gaining 10lbs, 20lbs and so on. This can be stressful to some that once felt good about his body. Healthiness should be felt by everyone. Just because the food that we eat tastes well doesn’t mean it’s good. But still, we can’t escape it.

It’s OK to eat that food as long as you get some exercise. But the question is; Do you?

If you want to work out, you can do it at the office. Yes you can. All you need is your office chair, water for your consumption, dumbbells (or bottles of water if you can’t bring one), and yourself.

You can start by using the stairs when going up instead of the elevator if it’s 8 floors or lower. Walk around the office from time to time. If something needs to be brought to someone or somewhere, do it yourself in order to stimulate your legs.

Do some stretching in order to have your blood circulated well and your joints loosen up. Stretching can be done on your seat. You can do variations like the neck stretch leg extensions, shoulder stretch, upper back stretch and calves stretch. 오피

For the exercise, you can do dumbbell curls while on the phone, shoulder shrugs, or push ups. These are some of the things you can do at the office. If you want to work on your abs, you can sit at the tip of your chair, and raise your legs up and down to work on that lower ab of yours. This workout will not get your body in shape like the normal gym workouts. This will however help you get something done physically.