How to Draw Cartoons, Even If You Cannot Draw a Simple Straight Line

Many youngsters and also people who are not so young dream about creating beautiful cartoons. But once their daydream is over, they start thinking in practical terms and themselves kill their dreams, thinking that it was an impossible dream because “I can’t even draw a simple straight line correctly let alone complex cartoons”.

Here I would like to say this is not the way one should think if they really want to make beautiful cartoons. They should let their dream be alive and keep on thinking on the ways how they can learn the skill of cartoon making. And to be very frank nobody needs to have the skill of drawing straight lines because it can be done pretty easily with the help of a simple ruler.

So if you have a dream start thinking on the ways of collecting resources and making time that you will devote for mastering the art of cartoon making. Fortunately for the cartooning enthusiasts cartooning can be started with almost no investment. Because all you require is a notebook, a pencil and an eraser.

You do not need a powerful computer or a fancy drawing table. Obviously if your budget permits you can go for these extras, but keep in mind that these are just extras.

There are many lessons freely available i 4anime n the web space that you can use to pick up cartooning skills but your best option would be to invest in a cartoon drawing course book. Because if you follow an established course you will be sure that you are picking up all the right skills in the right order that is required to really master the art.

On the contrary if you depend on web you will never be sure what basic skills you were leaving out and whether you are attempting to draw something without covering the required basics. Lack of order often frustrates people and they do not understand why they do not enjoy making drawings anymore as they used to enjoy earlier.

In fact it would be even better if you can get a teacher who is a good cartoonist, because in that case you will have the opportunity to get direct feedback on your work. And your interaction with your teacher will keep you motivated. But for most of us it would be difficult to get a teacher who himself is a good cartoonist because good cartoonists worth their salt will hardly ever get time to teach others because of their busy schedule.