Dry Dog Food: Choosing the Perfect Life Stage for Your Dog

The decision to own a dog comes with the responsibility of properly feeding it. Knowing how much to feed the dog and when to make needed changes is crucial to your dog’s health. This includes knowing when to move your dog to the next feeding level. Most popular brand name dog foods specialize in providing a dog food formula that will meet the specific needs of your pet. The following information will help you determine the life stage that your dog is in so that you can choose the right food for his diet.

· Puppy food – A puppy is considered a puppy between the ages of 1-12 months depending on the breed of the dog. Puppy formula dry food is often softer than adult food. It also contains more fat and protein for the growing dog. There are formulas that are specific for large breed puppies and smaller breed puppies, so be sure to choose a formula that will work for the breed of your dog.

· Adult food – Dry dog food for adults is usually classified for dogs between the ages of 13 months and 6 years of age. This food does not contain as much fat as puppy food but may contain more carbohydrates. There are specific types of adult food that is formulated for active dogs. You may want to take yourpet’s activity level into consideration when choosing the perfect adult dry dog food for your dog. russian food store

· Senior food – Like humans, animals do age and need to follow a specific diet as they become older. A dog can be considered a senior when he reaches age 6 or 7. Because they will become less active overtime, dogs need diets that are low in fat but high in fiber. Fiber will help keep their digestive system properly functioning. Reduced salt level in senior dog food will help the dog maintain a desirable weight.

· Diet formulas – You may find that your dog needs calorie conscious food at some point in his life. If he is overweight, you will want to choose a food that is specific to losing weight. If your dog’s vet places him on a diet, he will more than likely recommend a food. This will make choosing the right diet formula easier.

Dogs will go through different life stages as they grow and need dry dog food that will provide them with the nutrition and calories. Knowing the proper life stages and when to adjust your dog’s food will ensure that he has the proper diet. Pay close attention to your dog’s age so that you know when to change his formula. Feeding an adult dog puppy food will not be good for its health. Remember, as your pet ages you will need to adjust his food formula. It is helpful to be educated on your dog’s life stage so that you can fulfill your responsibility of properly feeding him.